Is it Bad that My Dog is Eating Poop?

June 15, 2011

Pet dogs which feed on their own feces, an exercise referred to as Dog Coprophagia, confuse his or her owners. A decent owner has got a hard time comprehending exactly why the doggy that she or he really loves a great deal and cares for through providing them through suitable meals, chooses to consume poop. Whilst zero conclusive explanation has been identified as precisely why this happens, there are some possibilities floating about.There’s also numerous coaching methods that have proved to be fairly good at encouraging dogs to control this horrible behavior. We’ll go over what a few of these are in this post . but initially we will take particular notice in the issue associated with Dog Coprophagia.

Most dogs who try to eat cat or dog poop generally do it within the 1st 12 months of life, although, the fact is that, slightly older pet dogs occasionally practice it also. There’s two main ideas that aim to reveal exactly why. The very first idea points too a medical problem might be at fault and also the other, some form of behaviour trouble. The first sort is treatable by identifying which medical problem causes your pet to consume feces. A visit to the veterinarian to get the pet dog diagnosed will be the initial step the owner must take in order to remedy the issue. Whilst going to the veterinarian, the dog owner must ensure that his / her dog has received all their vaccines plus worming therapies. This helps safeguard them from getting unwell or even sustaining a illness or disease in their eating of poop. Parasitic organisms might be found in feces and may create problems for any pet dog which consumes it.

Some other typical reasons pet dogs consume feces will be that they enjoy the tastes from it, they are feeling hungry, fed up, terrified of getting disciplined for pooping in the house, along with a host of many other reasons. If the owner can understand why, they will be much better capable to think of a customized strategy to get the pet dog to quit. If they’re unable to, the application of fundamental dog coaching concepts might be beneficial.

To dissuade dogs from consuming feces, owners must be bound to nourish them nourishing well balanced meals and make certain that they’re being given enough. Feeding pet dogs twice daily, as opposed to one time might be adequate to make them quit munching on feces. Preserving any dog’s living space neat and free from fecal matter can also help her or him battle the attraction to consume their own waste. Making certain they acquire sufficient physical exercise and muscle stimulation will keep them from becoming bored and consequently, consuming their own fecal material.

Basic behavior training instructions can be quite beneficial. The “leave it” order can instruct your dog to keep away from poop and never to consume it. Shocking them from feeding on the feces while captured in the process is one thing which owners are able to do. Many people recommend the concept of putting blueberry, pumpkin as well as green spinach within their dog’s meals. Theoretically, these food types do not taste nicely whenever consumed together with feces and might therefore prevent dogs from eating the stuff.

Bad dog behavior can result in real heartache for the owner and can even be dangerous for your dog. At How to Stop My Dog you can find information on how to stop your dogs bad habits and keep them in safe hands, subjects including: How to Stop My Dog Eating Poop


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